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Chebera Churchura is a newly established National Park located in Konta Woreda, Dawro Zone. It is 480 km south of Addis on the Addis–Jimma-Chida-Ameya road. It has a total area of 11,900 ha and elevations range from 500-2000 m asl. This park used to be part of the Kulo Konta Controlled Hunting Area specifically set to hunt Elephants. The decline of Elephants in Africa and the need to conserve a representative area where this species could be protected in Ethiopia is a leading objective for its establishment. It was upgraded to the status of a national park in 2005 after deliberations and discussions with the local community. Rainfall ranges from 1200 mm to 2300 mm per annum and temperature ranges from 10 to 29 °C. Wet seasons are from March to September and the dry season extends from December to February. Four major vegetation zones, grasslands, woodlands, mountain forests and riverine forests, have been described for the area. Dominant woody vegetation includes Ficus spp., Combretum spp., Ehertia spp and Albizia spp. The natural forests have non-timber forest products of economic value including Coffee, Coriander and Piper sp. Chebera Churchura provides refuge to 37 species of larger mammals. Besides Elephants, the park has populations of Buffalo, Greater Kudu, Defassa Waterbuck, Lion, Leopard, Serval Cats, Hippopotamus and Warthog. It also has 140 species of birds of which 5 are endemic to the country.

Tourist and

Chebera Churchura NP harbours over 400 Elephants in different herds. The Zigna River, several lakes, waterfalls including a hot spring form hydrological features in the park. The Zigna River is an important tributary of the Omo River. The presence of natural caves is an added attraction. There are facilities for tourists to stay at the park HQ where a simple camp with toilet facilities are available.


Chief Park Warden:

Adane Tsegaye


+251 913357056



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Photo credits: Greta Francesca Iori and Timothée Froment