The Babille Elephant Sanctuary (established 1970 and covering 6,900km2) is in the semi-arid areas of the east of the country and contains an estimated population of 250 elephants. It is also from this area that the majority of animals (including lions, cheetahs and a number of antelope species) are caught for the Illegal Wildlife Trade. The animals are smuggled through the Ethiopian borders and the alleged destination is the Middle East. The small, isolated elephant population is threatened with poaching and killings of elephants have resulted in a decline of the populations. In addition, illegal settlement, livestock grazing and agricultural expansion is also increasing with subsequent degradation of the habitat and escalation of human-wildlife conflict. High levels of human-elephant conflict resulting in perceived injustices, high economic loss and loss of life among people living in the vicinity of the sanctuary. It is notable that Babille Elephant Sanctuary is at least twice the size of any of the other project sites.


Chief Park Warden:

Adem Mohammed


+251 912152171



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Photo credits: Nakachew Birlew and Solomon Worku